best place in oregon to see solar eclipse

Oregon has some excellent hot spots for observing the fast-approaching solar eclipse. You can party it up in Prairie Hills, lay low around the john day fossil beds or pitch a tent in Wheeler.

The largest symbols indicate areas where a total solar eclipse will occur, and symbols become bluer where clear skies are more likely. The least cloudy places for seeing the eclipse in the path of totality (shown with large, blue hexagons) tend to be in the Pacific Northwest.

The rare chance to see the total solar eclipse is location exclusive. The path of totality-otherwise known as the route where the solar eclipse is visible-begins near Oregon’s Pacific Coast.

The eclipse’s path of totality will cross through states including Oregon, Idaho. NEXT: Watch the Whole Total Solar Eclipse in 4 Minutes Where’s the best place to see the total solar eclipse?

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The path along which the eclipse will be total will begin in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean and make landfall in the United States on the coast of Oregon at approximately 10:15am Pacific time. It will cross the entire continent, finally mo.

As you can see, Madras and Ontario in Oregon, Cascade, Idaho, and parts of Wyoming and Nebraska offer the best odds for good weather. Average morning and afternoon cloud cover along the eclipse centreline extracted from 20 years of satellite imagery.

The celestial event of this young century – the great American total solar eclipse. the eclipse on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains, where Madras is located. In Idaho, the Snake River.

Oregon is proud to be one of the states located in the path of the total eclipse. Since summer on the Oregon coast tends to be foggy and cloudy, pick a campground further inland like Silver Falls State Park. Silver Falls not only has some beautiful waterfalls and spacious meadows perfect for skywatching, but their online reservation service is available for the entire year.

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You could take the advice of The Oregonian/OregonLive reporter Jamie Hale, and check out his list of 17 places to watch the 2017 eclipse. For more information on the 2017 solar eclipse in Oregon,

the places in the U.S. where you’ll have the full eclipse experience-runs across the country. NASA recommends you get to a spot in the 70-mile wide path, which includes locations in states like Oregon.

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