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Diamond Lake sits in the middle of a vast outdoor wonderland. The lake is surrounded by Umpqua National Forest, and beyond that, Crater Lake National Park lies to the south, placing it in a wilderness.

Located in the heart of Southeastern Oregon, Diamond Craters Outstanding Natural Area is known among geologists as being one of the most diverse basaltic volcanic features in the United States. For the untrained visitor, however, the area is an unassuming vista of high dessert flora and a gently rolling topography.

"Diamond Craters The Geologic Gem of Oregon" as BLM calls them. With 40 miles of auto tour that weaves through the many lava tubes and caves waiting to be explored. It is an area studied and loved by geologists, but you don’t need to be a well-known scientist to see the beauty and diversity of the Diamond Craters.

Diamond Craters is a 29.6 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Diamond, Oregon that offers scenic views and is rated as.

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Diamond lies along Swamp Creek at the head of Diamond Valley, northwest of Steens Mountain in southeastern Oregon. Swamp Creek flows into Diamond Swamp, a short distance down the valley. The swamp is part of the malheur national wildlife refuge.

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Diamond Craters, oregon location: 43.1n, 118.7W Elevation: 4,200-4,750 feet (1,280- 1,450 m) Diamond Craters is a monogenetic volcanic field in southeast Oregon. The volcanoes are all Quaternary in age. Lava flows and tephra from the volcanoes cover an area of about 23 square miles (60 square km).

The north entrance to Crater Lake and Rim Drive that circles the lake are closed. dry weather is expected until Saturday.

Diamond Craters is a 60 sq km volcanic field in SE Oregon, 11 km east of highway 205 and 64 km (40 miles) southeast of the town of Burns. It consists of cinder cones, maars (explosion craters) and lava flows. diamond craters were named after the Diamond Ranch, established in the area by the pioneer Mace McCoy and his partner Albert Hugh Robie.

This crater has been filled with water for 6,000 years. It’s one of many highlights of a tour through Diamond Craters in southeast Oregon. 1781481

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