hunting rabbits in oregon

First, all you need is an Oregon hunting license to pursue rabbits on public land. On private land, no license is needed. Plus, there’s no season and no bag limit.

Rabbit hunting is the third most popular type of hunting activity in the U.S., behind wild turkey and deer hunting. Few people take advantage of it in Oregon, but they should-rabbits and hares are abundant and there is no closed season or bag limit.

Most rabbit hunting in Oregon takes place in winter after most of the other hunting seasons’ close. Hunters are allowed to shoot all rabbits and hares in Oregon except the pigmy rabbit. There is a year-round season and a hunting license is required.

Rabbit hunting is the third most popular type of hunting activity in the U.S., behind wild turkey and deer hunting. Few people take advantage of it in Oregon, but. However, rabbits and rodents destructive to agricultural crops, products and activities may be taken.

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Three most overlooked species for hunting in Oregon’s high desert. Malheur, Harney and Lake counties are home to pronghorn antelope, mule deer, bighorn sheep, coyotes, rabbits, badgers, chukar.

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Rabbits are found throughout Oregon and can be hunted in any season in unlimited quantities. Varieties include jackrabbits, cottontails and snowshoe hares. beagles often are used to roust rabbits from hiding places. In Eastern Oregon, hunters target cottontails and jackrabbits around alfalfa and sage-brush on public lands.

In western Oregon, like the brush rabbit (a small species of cottontail that is rarely hunted), snowshoes take advantage of dense cover to escape. More information on Oregon’s rabbits and hares can be found online at .

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