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Five Funky Facts About Oregon Coast Shipwrecks You Didn’t Know – A wild trip through history: That which crashed on these shores has some tales to tell

If you want to become an expert on Oregon Coast shipwrecks, we recommend the books below. Around the shores of the Pacific Ocean, along the western coastline of California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska, lie the remains.

Oregon State Parks by visiting www.oregonstateparks.org. century-old shipwreck Peter Iredale and the South Jetty.. what it is like to pilot a tugboat, take part in Coast Guard rescues on the Columbia River Bar, and to live in

Since the earliest days of American exploration and settlement on the Oregon Coast, stories have been told of an ancient shipwreck exposed on the Nehalem Spit. The wreck, laden with Chinese porcelain and large beeswax blocks and candles, predated American settlement of the area and was a.

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In honor of our newest exhibit Shipwrecks of the Oregon Coast, I’ll be posting about shipwrecks that didn’t quite make it into the exhibit. Today’s shipwreck was a twin-screwed steamer named Argo #1. Argo #1 was built in 1898 as a coastal trader for the Alaskan gold rush, along with a river steamer, Argo #2.

Without a doubt the most iconic shipwreck on the Oregon coast, the wreck of the Peter Iredale is found just beyond a parking area at Fort Stevens State Park.

Visit BLM’s Coos Bay District of Oregon and uncover the history in local treasures like Cape Blanco and the George L. Olson shipwreck. Read more about the gh.

From Tillamook Bay on the Oregon Coast to cape scott provincial. NEW: Download a free map of shipwrecks along the Discovery Trail for a.

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The Oregon Coast has been the site of shipwrecks even before Lewis and Clark’s arrival in 1805. Even as the population grew, the federal government let the Oregon Coast go unguarded by lighthouses and lifesavers for decades. Economic and political pressures finally forced the government to build the first Oregon lighthouse in 1857 at the.

Credits: Coe Family Collection, oregon historical society. Regions: Coast. A Guide to Shipwreck Sites along the Oregon Coast, via Oregon US 101. R.E. Wells.