oregon liquefaction map

Oregon. City of Portland maps by tax parcel (search by address; go to Maps/Hazard to see earthquake, landslide, flood hazards) interpretive map series (Oregon Department of Geology and mineral industries) washington. pacific northwest seismic hazards maps. Washington State Department of Natural Resources: Liquefaction maps by county

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A recently updated state map shows the areas at highest risk for liquefaction in a large quake. Portland International Airport is in a red high-risk area. But not all risky areas are along waterways.

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Structures predating 1974, when Oregon enacted its first statewide building code, would suffer the worst damage in a 9.0-magnitude earthquake. Buildings constructed after 1993, when western oregon adopted its first seismic standards, are considered the most likely to withstand a severe earthquake.

The Geologic Information Portal has a Natural Hazards single-topic map that contains the site class, liquefaction, and seismic design categories data. Click the "Ground Response" button in the Map Contents window. Reports and Maps. This map shows all site class and liquefaction susceptibility maps for Washington, by county.

Hazard maps are developed to illuminate areas that are affected or vulnerable to a particular hazard. They are typically made for natural hazards such as earthquake ground motion, flooding, landslides, liquefaction, and tsunami.Hazard maps are tools that when properly utillized by planners, developers, and engineers, can save lives and economic losses by avoiding exposure to some hazards while.

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Definition An earthquake is the sudden release of stored energy. Most earthquakes occur along a fracture within the earth, called a fault. The shaking caused by this sudden shift is often very small, but occasionally large earthquakes produce very strong ground shaking.

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Activities- Earthquake Hazard Maps & Liquefaction What are earthquake-hazard maps? Not all ground is created equal. Not all ground makes a good foundation for building on soft sediment in earthquake prone regions. As harry belafonte sang, "House built on a weak foundation will not stand, oh no!" Hazards addressed in the 3 activities in.