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Snow already fell in southern California yesterday, just outside of Los Angeles and San Diego. Rain is falling in those cities now as well as in Phoenix. Along the Gulf Coast, large swaths of which.

Lincoln Beach. Town in Oregon #2 Best Places to Retire in Oregon. C+.. Current Resident: Bandon is a seaside town on the southern coast of Oregon. Population around 3,000 people. There is year around fishing.. #25 Best Places to Retire in Oregon. C+.

South Oregon Coast: Beaches, great views and fun small towns. Brookings is in the most southern part of the south Oregon Coast – in fact, you are located just five to six miles from the California border. The Chetco River flows just south of the city, which makes for an ideal way to spend the day.

A charming place located in southern Oregon, Ashland is a friendly town offering guests much to see and explore. Situated where the Siskiyou and Cascade Mountains converge, the lush area is brimming with scenic views, outdoor adventures, historical sites and many art and cultural experiences.

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map of downtown portland oregon bowl games oregon ducks Since the establishment of the team in 1893, Oregon has appeared in 25 bowl games. Included in these games are 8 combined appearances in the traditional "big four" bowl games (the Rose, Sugar, Cotton, and Orange) and 3 Bowl Championship Series (BCS) game appearances, including one in the BCS National Championship Game.Are you looking for a map with a ‘route’ on it as a recommended path, or just a general street map of downtown? If the latter, the hotel or Visitors Info Center will have what you need (free). VIC has several different maps, two of which are colorful and are filled with not only landmarks and transit (max/streetcar) info but LOTS of advertisements.

South Beach, Newport. Short of the Oregon Dunes, few state beaches can rival South Beach State Park, just below Newport on Highway 101, for its luxurious crests of pillow-soft sand.

Beautiful Beach Towns to Visit along the Oregon Coast. When many travelers visit Oregon, they fly into Portland and only venture out a short distance to Mount Hood and the Columbia river gorge. However, Oregon’s western coastline is one of the best kept road trip secrets in America. Drive along the idyllic Highway 101 to experience nearly 400 miles.

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Oregon Coast Cities And Towns Along 363 miles of coastline, sits the wonderful oregon coast cities and towns. Hwy 101 is the major artery of the coast and runs very close to the ocean itself.

strawberry plants oregon oregon forest fires history camping close to portland oregon Many talk about Portland as a paradise for lovers of the outdoors. But when your arms are beat from paddling, hands sore from climbing, and legs ache photo: oregon metro. One of the most popular drop-in spots for summer inner-tube floats is also one of the closest camping getaways to the city.Oregon Strawberry Varieties Industry standard for processing. Large fruit, fully red internal and external color. high soluble solids, excellent titratable acidity, excellent flesh integrity when processed. moderate yield. harvest season: typically June 5 – June 24. From cross of Puget Beauty x.

Oregon is one of the most beautiful states, complete with diverse landscapes and picturesque towns. Many of the towns, from the west to the east, have distinct character and stunning views, whether it is snow-capped mountains, oceanic scenery, or tree-lined hills.